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Radiant Responder Awards (CFD)
(L-R) Dr. Michael Foster, Captain James Hott, Engineer Mike Harris, Firefghter Timothy Henderson & Firefighter Shawn Harris

On Thursday, May 1st Providence Hospitals awarded six individuals the Radiant Responder Medal at its 2014 1st Quarter STEMI/EMS Outreach Meeting. Columbia Fire Department’s Captain James Hott, Engineer Mike Harris, and Firefighters Timothy Henderson and Shawn Harris received medals in addition to Richland County EMS’s Bridgett Walker and Brian Rucker.

The six individuals were honored for their response on Wednesday, January 8th to a call for assistance from a 61 year old man who went into cardiac arrest at his home.  A family member started CPR and notified emergency services.  Columbia Fire Department swiftly arrived on scene and continued resuscitation measures.  Richland County EMS arrived shortly after and resumed patient care until arriving at the Providence Hospitals emergency department.  The patient was transferred immediately to the cardiac catheterization laboratory where he was found to have had a heart attack.  A successful, emergent intervention was conducted to open the blocked artery.  The patient made a full recovery.

The medals and a certificate were presented by Dr. Michael Foster on behalf of the Providence STEMI/Stroke team.

The Providence Hospitals Radiant Responder Medal is an honor that recognizes our outstanding partners in Emergency Medical Services, First Response, and other “Front-Line” patient care.  The award recognizes their extraordinary work in the team effort with our Emergency Department and Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory to reduce response time to heart attacks and other types of cardiac incidents for the people of the Midlands region.

To be honored, the individuals served as a beacon of true dedication to the Providence values: Respect, Compassion, Courage, Collaboration and Justice.


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