The Administration Division of the Columbia Fire Department encompasses many layers of responsibility. One the most impacting areas we work in on a daily basis is product specification development, purchasing and procurement. This entire process starts at the research level and culminates in the development of a complete budget assembly process for the entire department.

Logistical support for the department is another impacting Bureau within the Administration Division. Fleet, facilities, and equipment maintenance along with supply inventory, delivery, and accountably remains the means by which we keep our units stocked and ready for each day of service.

Communications is another area where the Administration Division supports the mission of the Department. Additionally, we can support large incidents with on scene communications experts and equipment to help manage the needs of the Incident Commander. Furthermore, our open line of communication between the Columbia Fire Department and the City of Columbia 911 center ensures a strong relationship with those in the dispatch center helping them achieve their mission as well.

As the hazards we are asked mitigate grow with each passing day, so does the demands on our responding firefighters. The Health and Safety bureau has been developed to help assist the members in keeping fit for duty to meet these daily demands. This bureau manages the annual physical we provide our staff. Additionally, our Staffing bureau works hand in hand with the Health and Safety bureau to manage the staffing needs of the department on a daily basis.

Lastly, we in the Administration division work daily to fulfill the needs of the Fire Chief , the Professional Services Division and the Operations Division, we continue to help make the City of Columbia and Richland County a safe place to work, live and visit.

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