Firefighters Rescue Entrapped Dog During Storm

By: Brick Lewis Posted in Media Releases

Columbia Firefighters rescued a dog named Rocco, a German Shepard mix that was entrapped between a fence at an area high school.  The owner stated that the dog became frightened during Wednesday’s severe weather and got away from her.  It is believed that as Rocco was running it became entrapped between the fence.  Columbia Battalion Chief (BnC) Robert Joyner and Training Captain Jack Veal were responding to a fire alarm activation at the high school when they discovered Rocco.

BnC Joyner and Captain Veal were able to extricate Rocco and took him to Lower Richland Fire Station 22.  Firefighters at Station 22 attended to Rocco until its owner was located; after posting its picture and information on Columbia Fire Department’s social media accounts.

Rocco has been returned to its owner and will hopefully recover without any issues.  BnC Joyner and Captain Veal said, “they were just glad to have been in the right place at the right time and to have been able to help Rocco”.


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