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Chief Aubrey D. Jenkins 


I want to welcome you to the official website of the Columbia Fire Department (CFD). Thank you for taking time to visit our website. I hope you find it both informative and valuable. 


The CFD has over one hundred years of proud history serving the residents of the City of Columbia and Richland County.  The CFD has changed along with the communities it serves over the years. We will continue to adapt our service delivery model to best meet the challenges we face each day. The personnel of this proud department pledge to continue to provide the best possible service to meet the needs of our citizens and visitors.  We stand ready to put ourselves in harm’s way to protect life, property and the environment.


As firefighters, we are committed to improving the quality of life and the safety of our citizens by quickly responding to fire, rescue, medical, and environmental incidents, and by providing public fire education, business pre-planning and building inspections. Planning for emergency response and comprehensive training are also an important part of our department’s efforts to save lives and protect property. 


This goal is reflected in our department’s Mission Statement: The Columbia Fire Department exists to protect lives, property and the environment through the enforcement of fire codes, presentation of comprehensive public fire safety education programs, the investigation of incidents of arson, and rapid, effective responses to and mitigation of fires, rescue incidents, hazardous material leaks, and natural disasters.


In closing, our promise to all that we serve is that we will always be prepared to respond to your needs, day or night, with professionalism, compassion, and respect regardless of the situation you may find yourself in.


Thanks you for visiting and have a fire safe day. 


Chief Aubrey D. Jenkins  

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